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Andres Bermeo
Certified Acceptance Agent

Get your ITIN today!


Management of ITIN, EIN, Preparation of taxes.

We accept credit/debit cards and national and international bank transfers


Process of obtaining the ITIN

Documents submission

To start this process it is essential that you present us your documents with which you apply to your ITIN.


The IRS has certified us to approve them on your behalf and you don't have to mail them in and go a few weeks without them

Document delivery

Once we have verified your information and verified the authenticity of your documents, we will send the ITIN application to the IRS. In a few weeks we will receive news

Documents delivery

When your ITIN is ready, we will send it out to your preferred location.


Why choose our service?

​Only agent certified by the IRS in Ecuador

​Only agent certified by the IRS in the South Pacific area

Variety of services

More than 200 satisfied customers


custom queries

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