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Certified Acceptance Agent

As a Certifying Acceptance Agent, we assist US residents and nonresident aliens, as well as other foreign taxpayers (who are not eligible to obtain an SSN) to apply for an individual taxpayer identification number from the Tax Service. Internal Taxes.


We offer professional help on behalf of the IRS to people applying for an ITIN.


We have a formal agreement set forth in Section 301.6109-1 (d) (3) (iv) (A) of the US Treasury Regulations with the IRS. The agreement allows us to help applicants apply for an ITIN by reviewing the W-7 form and the supporting documentation for the application, issuing a certificate to prove the applicant's identity and foreign status, and sending the documentation to the IRS office, ITIN for processing. Once an ITIN identification number is issued, the applicant will be notified.


  • Free ITIN interview with an IRS Certified Agent

  • customer focused service

  • Explanation of each step during the IRS ITIN application process

  • Certification acceptance agent guarantees that the ITIN application is submitted complete and correct

  • Certification of identification documents

  • Fast service for the application of the ITIN with the IRS.

  • The IRS processes ITIN applications submitted by Acceptance Agents prior to processing ITIN applications submitted directly by ITIN applicants.

  • Low cost for the ITIN application

Avoid the hassle and headache of trying to get an ITIN number from the IRS on your own. With our service Rockies Tax Services as an IRS Certified Agent you can avoid IRS delay or rejection of the ITIN application.


As a CAA, we are authorized to certify to the IRS that your application is complete, and to verify through attestation that the original documents submitted to us to prove your identity and status are authentic, thereby eliminating the requirement to submit to the IRS the original documentation, or have the obligation to obtain suitably certified copies of the same.

By using our services we will help you avoid the inconveniences that come with not having your original documentation for a minimum period of eight weeks (in the best of cases), in addition to eliminating the potential risk of losing said documentation. Keep in mind that you will need to send your original one-way documentation to the IRS, and then receive it by regular mail back.

A great quality that the IRS gives to any CAA is the ability to distinguish whether a person needs to apply for a social number or not. Relying on the capabilities of a Certified Acceptance Agent saves time and requirements.

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